Fertilizer and feed

The Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority’s objective is to ensure the safety and quality of feed and fertiliser and to have manufacturers and importers of fertiliser and feed shoulder responsibility for their products, bearing the health of animals, humans and the environment in mind.

Iceland has implemented the legislation of the European Community on fertiliser and feed.  The Authority gives its opinion to the Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture on legislation regarding fertiliser and feed. 

The Authority’s functons include: 

  • Issue of health certificates on export of feed as required by the legislation of the European Community 
  • Import control of consignments of feed with the objective of preventing the introduction and spread of feedborn animal diseases and verify that the feed fulfill legal requirements 
  • Registering and approving feed producers and other feed businesses 
  • Surveillance of feed production 
  • Surveillance, contingency plans and preventive measures against spoiled and dangerous feed 
  • Reports on the status of feed production in Iceland 
  • Import control of fertilisers 
  • Registering and approving fertiliser producers and other fertiliser businesses 
  • Surveillance of fertiliser production 
  • Reports on the status of fertiliser production in Iceland 
  • Reports the use of fertiliser in Iceland 
  • Legal work pertaining to legislation on animal nutrition

If you need more information you can hire the Xpert of Iceland www.xpert.is or contact the Icelandic Government: http://www.mast.is/english