• Applicants from countries outside the EEA, with the exception of those coming from the United States, Canada, Switzerland, Australia or New-Zealand, are required to submit a health certificate to the Útlendingastofnun (Directorate of Immigration). 

  • A health certificate is obtained by undergoing a medical examination in Iceland. If the applicant has a fully valid foreign health certificate, which is less than three months old and approved by an Icelandic doctor, the applicant does not have to undergo a medical examination in Iceland.

  • The medical examination is required so that miscellaneous infectious diseases can be prevented, e.g. tuberculosis and hepatitis, as well as diseases caused by parasites in the intestines, which are common in some countries while being uncommon in Iceland.

  • Along with a general medical examination, blood-, urine and faeces samples are usually asked for, and x-rays of lungs are taken to test for tuberculosis.

  • It is very important to get a diagnosis and cure if any diseases are found. If any disease is diagnosed the hospital will provide full treatment and medication.

  • The employer, or the applicant where applicable, should pay for the medical examination. If the employer specifically asks for a medical examination he/she must pay for it.

  • It is important that foreigners undergo a medical examination as soon as they arrive in Iceland. This is particularly important for those who intent to go outside the capital region, as medical examinations pertaining to residence permits are performed in institutions located in Reykjavík.

  • After undergoing a medical examination the doctor will send confirmation of the results to the Útlendingastofnun.

Where is the medical examination for a residence permit performed?

  • Medical examinations for adults are performed at the Centre for Disease Control in the Capital Area Primary Health Care (Göngudeild sóttvarna á heilsugæslu höfuðborgarsvæðins, Álfabakka 16) and for children at the Out-patient Department of the Children's hospital at the Landspitali University Hospital.

  • In exceptional circumstances the medical examination for a residence permit may be undergone at a different health care centre, but it is important that it is done in co-operation with the previously mentioned health care institutions. The best way to proceed is by contacting the institutions in Reykjavik, where appointments are made, and asking for information.

Miðstöð sóttvarnaGöngudeild Sóttvarna (map)

Álfabakki 16 109 Reykjavík

Tel: (+354) 585-1390

Barnaspítali HringsinsBarnaspítali Hringsins (map)

Hringbraut 101 Reykjavík

Tel: (+354) 543-3700

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