• It is important to have a bank account in Iceland. In most cases salaries are deposited directly on to a bank account and so it is important to have created an account with one of the banks in Iceland.

  • Different requirements apply when opening an account, depending on the bank. All banks in Iceland require however that a legal address in Iceland is registered and the customer has an Icelandic social security number (KENNITALA). Other requirements may differ depending on the bank's work procedure.

  • The banks' interest rate may vary as well as their service. Therefore it is wise to shop around and ask about the different services offered by the banks and whether they have a branch nearby before opening an account.

  • Icelandic banks provide customers with internet banking where most bank transactions can be made and automatic teller machines (ATM) are located widely.

  • The banks issue debit cards and credit cards, grant loans and overdrafts as well as offer counselling and financial services to their customers.


MP Bank 
New Landsbankinn
Arion Bank