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Information for applicants:


Amnesty International

Apostille Certification

Associtation of Certified Court Interpreters and Translators in Iceland

Human Rights Watch

Human trafficking (only available in Icelandic)

Icelandic Health Insurance

Icelandic Human Rights Center

Intercultural Centre

Island Panorama

Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Ministry for the Environment and Natural Resources

Ministry of Education, Science and Culture

Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs

Ministry of Industries and Innovation

Ministry of the Interior

Ministry of Welfare

Multicultural and information Centre

Prime Minister's Office

Registers Iceland

Red Cross

Reykjavik Director of Customs

Reykjavík Human Rights Office

Service for immigrants

Statistics Iceland

The British Directorate of Immigration

The Canadian Directorate of Immigration

The Danish Directorate of Immigration

The Directorate of Internal Revenue

The Directorate of Labour

The Finnish Directorate of Immigration

The Government Offices of Iceland

The National Commissioner of Police

The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration

The Social Insurance Administration

The Supreme Court of Iceland

The Swedish Migration Board

The U.S. Immigration

The Women´s Shelter

University of Iceland

Diplomatic Missions:

Foreign Missions

Icelandic Missions