Applicants for residence permits on the basis of family reunification must fulfill all the basic conditions for a residence permit, as well as the conditions specified in article 13 of the Act on Foreigners no. 96/2002.

The immediate family members of an Icelandic citizen, other Nordic citizens who have a permanent address in Iceland or of a foreign citizen who is residing in Iceland as a specialist, a professional athlete, PhD student, or who have a residence permit based on humanitarian reasons, special ties to Iceland or are permanent residents, can apply for a residence permit on the basis of family reunification.

The principal rule is that an application must be approved before the applicant arrives in Iceland and the application must fulfill certain basic conditions. Exceptions from the principal rule and guidelines can be found regarding each type of residence permit:

General information:

Information on application process and processing time

Basic requirements for a residence permit

Detailed requirements for a residence permit

Processing fee, an application will not be processed until the handling fee has been paid.