After receiving your written details as well as the goal that we should achieve our consulting officer will appoint a time for a conversation. During the initial meeting we will look at all angles and give you an immediate advice and answer all your questions. After the meeting you should be able to decide how to proceed.

If the Icelandic Xperts are to take over your case (mandate) we will send you an agreement that allows us to act on your behalf of course limited to the case.  

Instead of searching the internet for solutions wasting endless time or seeking expensive help elsewhere. We offer an all in one solution. F.e. should your case need legal help we will find the right legal mind for you.

 All our service will be charged in advance and as follows:

*All external help (legal minds, translators etc.) will be charged 1:1. No additional fee will be added.

** For services in Iceland we add the Icelandic VAT. 


Get the Job done as soon as possible and by professionals