Do you think the Swiss invented rules and regulations? If you think so then this article will surprise you quite a lot.

Traveling to Iceland has become easy and cheaper. Just a few years ago a flight from Switzerland would cost over 1000 EUR/PAX. Today the flights start at 40 EUR and you can book them directly. But what should you pay attention to?


Let us take our sister company "Island Tours Iceland ehf" a Tour Operator for an example. The following permissions are valid:

  • Permission to be a Tour Operator
  • Permission to resell travel products
  • Permission to rent out vehicles
  • Permission to act as a restaurant
  • Several permission to act as a Hotel & Guest House
  • Permission to sell alcohol
  • Permission to sell tobacco
  • Permission to import electronics
  • Permission to transport persons

You should never book a trip at an office, stay in a building, eat at a restaurant, sit in an airplane etc. of a company that does not have the right permission. These permissions are expensive and difficult to get. The health department, fire department, road administration etc. must investigate every application. At the same time the person responsible is investigated to. Never been bankrupt, never broken the law, must live in Iceland, must have the proper insurances etc.

What other permissions are there

  • Permission to act as an information office
  • Horse Tours
  • Whale watching
  • Sailing - Kayaking
  • Trips with special vehicles
  • Snowmobile and Quad Tours
  • Hiking-, Trekking Tours, Bicycling, Dog Sledding
  • Hunting wild animals
  • Fishing
  • ADS-Contract with China

And how can you know about the permit? Ask for it or book at a reliable Travel Agency / Tour Operator.